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2021 萬金杜鵑

2021 Wanjin Azalea | New Taipei City Government, Agriculture Bureau

From the Corporate Identity System to the blossoming future for flower farmers; from the planning of romantic flower gardens in reality to beautifying aged brick walls and tiles, another opportunity arises that is diverse, challenging, and stands alongside local industries to forge ahead.

The same 24-mode approach: assembling top-notch partners, achieving the mission by any means necessary. The dominance and aura of the visuals by Wooyo, the imagery from Lion Flying, unbeatable aerial videography by AntVision, the experience of Botana in crafting performance spaces, the graffiti expertise in CityMarx's trendy culture—all under the tireless guidance and whispering of the 24Scheme —are gradually taking shape, blossoming into a symbol of the "Taiwanese endemic species" Wanjin Azalea.


Mission 1 : Branding and CIS for Wanjin Azalea
Wanli and Jinshan district is already the major cradle in Taiwan for cultivating azalea seedlings, with over 300 varieties. We have represented the flower's three-dimensional pattern in fluent lines, accentuated by the rhododendron's characteristic "nectar spots". The clear and eye-catching logo is designed to be captivating and unforgettable at first glance. "萬金" is represented in a literary, yet approachable font, with the English translation "Azalea" as a subtitle, aiming for international recognition. This design, with all its clever elements, pays homage to the "Azelea"—a symbol of strength and a staple of Taiwanese everyday surroundings. The character "萬" resembles birds soaring high, while "金" reflects the sun, moon, mountains, and sea, aligning with New Taipei City's policy of "Youthful Mountain and Sea Line". The words "杜鵑" are positioned next to the flower, with the nectar spots vividly depicted—wild, free, and beautiful.


座落於清水農地(google map標註為:清水濕地),清水溪旁的紅磚屋與工具室的美化工程,工具室靠近磺清大橋,因此四個金色大字:「萬金杜鵑」成了視覺焦點,再往裡頭走,會看見白色長板凳,後頭開滿杜鵑的塗鴉視覺。你可以與好友一起坐在板凳上,留下與萬金杜鵑巧遇的瞬間。
Mission 2 : Beautification of Brick Wall at Qingshui Farmland
Located at Qingshui Farmland (marked on Google map as "Qingshui Wetlands''), the beautification project for the red brick houses and tool shed by Qingshui river is near the Huang Qing Bridge. Thus, the golden letters spelling "萬金杜鵑'' become a focal point. Further in, you'll find a white bench, behind which is a mural bursting with azaleas. Here, you can sit with friends, capturing moments of serendipitous encounters with the Wanjin Azalea.

清水農地磚牆美化 Beautification of Clearwater Farmland Brick Wall


Mission 3 : Illustration of Wanjin Azalea Map
To quickly showcase the extensive spread of azaleas in the Wanjin district, we've crafted a hand-drawn "Wanjin Azalea Map". This relative positioning allows visitors to easily track and enjoy the beauty of these flowers.


In collaboration with "Lion Flying", the video product, from scriptwriting, meetings, location scouting to close-knit team cooperation, garnered over 110,000 views in just three weeks with limited media exposure.

2021萬金杜鵑形象影片 Wanjin Azalea (Full ver.)

2021 萬金杜鵑 收成篇 Wanjin Azalea 2021 (Special ver.)


泰北國際雙語學校、萬里區公所、萬里區花卉產銷班第一班、芊衍園藝 杜鵑博士柳枝芳、今之坊園藝 柳敬恆、金山區花卉產銷班第一班 青昀種苗 嚴慶榮、福得生活Fooderlife、新北市政府 農業局、獅子在飛、蟻視空拍。

Special thanks :
TAIBEI International Bilingual School, Wanli District Office, Wanli District Flower Production and Marketing Class 1,Qian Yan Horticulture - Azalea Expert Dr. Liu Zhi Fang, Jinzhi Fang Horticulture - Liu Jing Heng
Jinshan District Flower Production and Marketing Class 1 - Qing Yun Seedlings - Yan Qing Rong, Fooderlife,New Taipei City Government Agriculture Bureau, Lion Flying, AntVision.



上線一個月內,於Google、Yahoo、Bing等各大搜尋引擎輸入 #萬金杜鵑 關鍵字,官網排名已上升至第一位(在未額外投遞任何關鍵字廣告預算狀況下)。
Mission 5 : Wanjin Azalea Official Website
To reduce future maintenance costs, the website was built using WIX. In the format of an "e-book", it narrates stories about the local rhododendron farmers and the varieties. Within a month of launching, the website ranked first on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the keyword #WanjinAzalea—without any additional ad spend.

萬金杜鵑官網設計 Official Website Design

任務六、萬金杜鵑 x 在地店家之聯名商品

小瑪克手工披薩「萬金杜鵑兒童餐」、芋圓王「薯芋你綜合冷凍圓禮盒」、福德生活杜鵑花朵形象「手工餅乾」、金山紅紅地瓜乳酪蛋糕專賣店之「映山紅金箔冰淇淋」、PikkaPikka x 萬金杜鵑秘境地圖「拭淨布」...等。

Mission 6 : Wanjin Azalea x Local Store Collaborative Merchandise
Items include "Wanjin Azalea Kids Meal" from Little Mac's Handmade Pizza, a mixed frozen dessert box from Taro Ball King, hand-made cookies with rhododendron imagery from Fooderlife, "Red Maple Gold Foil Ice Cream" from Jinshan Hong Sweet Potato Cheesecake specialty store, and a secret map "cleaning cloth" from PikkaPikka x Wanjin Azalea. In collaboration with local stores in Wanli and Jinshan shops, co-branded Wanjin Azalea products were created. Online events encourage tourists from all over Taiwan to visit the homeland of the azaleas.

萬金杜鵑聯名商品 Wanjin Azalea Co-branded Products


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